Grand Gugak Festival for Kids


The Grand Gugak Festival for Kids is a competition that has been held since 2001 with the aim of raising children’s interest in gugak (traditional Korean music) and encouraging cultural transmission activities. This competition, which was initially launched as the Folk Song Singing Contest for Kids, has gradually expanded over the years and currently has seven categories: folk songs, wind music, string music, pansori, pungmul, gayageum byeongchang (singing to the accompaniment of a gayageum), and dance. Through this competition, children can naturally participate in passing on traditional culture in addition to polishing their skills in their respective fields. As a result, it has helped expand and fortify the base of traditional arts including gugak.

The Grand Gugak Festival for Kids, which has indisputably become a national contest, is hosted by the National Intangible Heritage Center and supervised by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation. By passing on gugak to children, the two organizations have further established themselves as organizations that transmit traditional culture.

2019 어린이국악큰잔치1
2019 어린이국악큰잔치2
2018 어린이국악큰잔치1
2018 어린이국악큰잔치2
제15회 어린이 국악 큰잔치
제15회 어린이 국악 큰잔치

Details of the Competition

Eligibility criteria : Korean children
How to participate : Submit the application form by e-mail
Competition categories : Wind music, string music, folk songs, gayageum byeongchang, pansori, etc.
Competition date : Second half of every year


※ The details of the competition are subject to change.
※ Detailed information on the event (event schedule, booking, etc.) will be available in the [News] section.