Seokjojeon at Night

Take a glimpse into the daily life of the imperial family of Korea at the imperial palace, Deoksugung, with a tour guide amid the captivating ambience of Seokjojeon Hall.

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Night Tour of Seokjojeon Hall

Seokjojeon Hall, known for its unique appearance and special story, is one of the buildings of Deoksugung, the palace of the Emperor of Korea. Dive into the story of the Imperial Family of Korea at Seokjojeon Hall under the moonlight through a guided tour.

티켓팅 모습
석조전 내부관람
Seokjojeon Terrace Cafe

There is a special palace on the terrace of Seokjojeon Hall where you can savor the night while enjoying the gabae (coffee) and dessert that Emperor Gojong loved.

테라스 카페 전경
테라스 카페 음식내용
Original musical

Check out the musical centering on Ms. Son Tak, a mysterious woman who hosted royal banquets for foreign guests at the palace and served Western dishes to domestic and foreign dignitaries during the Korean Empire.

뮤지컬 출연진
뮤지컬 공연모습


Deoksugung Palace


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